Steve and Annie......The Guthrie Team

The Story goes that The Guthrie Team has been together for 40 years....Say it is not so! But alas it is true, Steve and Annie were married in 1970.....Back then Annie was a Dental Hygienist and Steve was still in school. Life eventually took them to New Orleans where Steve worked at Bridge House and DePaul Hospital working in rehabilitation for substance abuse clients. By this time Annie had completely burned out on being “down in the mouth" and had begun to work in the Antique, paintings and jewelry. Steve and Annie eventually formed a partnership that supplied Antique and Estate Jewelry to shops all over the country. The travels were exciting and fun but The Guthries were on the road so much that the constant packing and unpacking was just too much.....Though both grew up in Tallahassee, most of their married life was spent  in New Orleans and Miami..... was when they moved to Pensacola in 2000.....It was like coming home....back to the true South where one often hears yes ma’am but has the beautiful beaches we so loved in Miami (Sorry South Florida there is just no doubt the sand IS PRETTIER HERE!)

 The plan was always to seek relationships with companies and people who have had similar ethics...When  you live your life by the principle do the right thing you don’t have to stop and think what youe next step is..... it simply becomes second nature. We worked for a great company that instilled in us God, Family then Business......and that is the emphasis for our business. Once again we are with our first Broker Audie Street at Main Street Properties. We have worked with some excellent folks during our career but  the dept of knowledge at Main Street is amazing. Audie, Holley Lovett and Dan Lawrence all Brokers are a strong team. 





The spiritual home of the Team continues to be Nativity Of Our Lord.....The joy of Annie's  life has always been gardening but since the Amazing Grace came into her  life  the yard has stepped down in ranking.....Grace is a rescue from the SPCA......the folks down there are wonderful ....truly a ministry......Gracie is a  dear little girl with a huge sweet heart.....a real blessing!

Steve is the detail person of the team.......he will study all the facts and figures. His market analysis are spot on and his contracts are precise ........His dry sense of humor keeps Annie on her toes.....








Annie's strengths lie more in the social and artistic vein....she adores staging and telling your homes story with photographs. Often she is asked to assist with curb appeal. Interestingly minor changes can make such a big impact. Buyers find Annie's design skills can help to visualize past cosmetic and see true potential in a less than perfect property.......

The Guthrie Team loves Real Estate ..... more importantly The Guthrie Team loves helping people .....

The Guthrie Team invitation is open to you........It is all about your future !

Fun is an essential element in your home search... it's a serious committment but still we need to lighten up and enjoy the process ....It can be exciting !
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